Intruderology [in-troo-der-ol-uh-jee]

Noun: The science of active shooter prevention and survival.

SafePlans’ Intruderology program incorporates FEMA’s five missions of Preparedness into the most comprehensive workplace and campus violence prevention program available.   Intruderology   expands upon the RUN/HIDE/FIGHT active shooter response options introduced in this Department of Homeland Security funded video.

SAFE for K-12 Schoolssafe-cleaar-background-150x150

The Security Awareness For Educators (SAFE) training program (instructor-led and online) is specifically designed to help K-12 schools align with active shooter prevention and survival best practices. If your plans and training are not following these guidelines, they are likely not in compliance with the latest standard of care.


SafePlans’ Run-Hide-Fight Prezi


Intruderology is a registered Trademark of SafePlans.